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2015 ABLE Classes

RCC (Refining Christian Character)
RCC is a character building class based upon the Word of God.
This year students will learn to build Godly character by impressing the Word of God into their minds and hearts. Through the study and memorization of scripture we will prepare them for an end of the year "Bible Bowl". The Bible Bowl is a fun game like competition for the students based on their understanding of the Biblical concepts taught this year.
The inspiration for this years study came from Deuteronomy 11:18. Students will be learning about and memorizing scripture related to guarding their hearts, minds, and thoughts so that they will be prepared to stand strong in the armor of God in the face of life's trials.

' A modified version of this program is used for younger - pre-writing students

Missions at Home (MaH)

    The purpose of MaH is to bring the mission field home making serving God a lifestyle. In addition to group service projects, students will be encouraged to log their service at home, and to pray for those they have served. They will learn why they are serving and will be able to understand that serving God is more than just doing works. Service comes out of love for God. Students will also learn the value of prayer and may keep prayer journals

    A modified version of this program is used for younger - pre-writing students
Sign Language
Students will learn basic sign language signs and the ASL alphabet. They will also learn to sign verses, and some ASL grammar and culture. This class will equip students to share the salvation message with the deaf. It will also give a head start to students who wish to pursue ASL as one of their high school foreign language requirements.
Game of Life
Students in Junior High/High School classes will participate in this class. This class actually acts like the game of Life. The students learn about career choices, fill out job resumes, participate in mock interviews, earn income, and pay bills. They will even file taxes at the end of the year. But watch out! Life tends to sneak up on you. Not doing your chores? You might just get a fine from the city. If they miss a day because they are sick, they may need to pay a doctor bill.

Students in this class will learn in a hands-on, tangible way skills that would be taught in a Singles Living type class.
Students will be able to choose from workplace careers and careers in the home
Once each month students will also get to participate in a cooking class
Cooking (and Careers)
Students in upper elementary classes will not be participating in the "Game of Life" class. Instead these students will enjoy an educational and fun cooking class. Students learn to cook foods from different cultures and foods for special occasions.
In addition, each month these students will learn about a different career that might interest them as they grow up.
Students in Drama will learn and perform in one or more skits. We have three skits prepared for this year. All ages are allowed to participate in Drama as long as the student will listen and follow the direction given. Students will be given the opportunity to perform at the host church during their service, and may be scheduled to perform at other churches as well. They will also perform at our end of the year program. After all what good is learning a drama if you do not have the opportunity to perform it for an audience.
Some students may perfer building sets and making costumes as opposed to actually performing in the drama class. Those students may participate in Props. They will make the backdrops, hand held props, scene changes, and costumes that the actors will need for the drama skits.
Critical Thinking

Students will learn skills that aid in critical thinking and discernment. We will have fun playing critical thinking and brainstorming games throughout the year as well. Every year is something different! This has been the favorite class of most ABLE students.

Current Events

Students will learn to analyze current events through a Biblical worldview. This class will be a class of participation in which students may share events which are of interest to them and current in the news.

Building Class
Students will build cool fun projects from a variety of materials including cardboard, sticks, food and more. Some basic architecture and design instruction will be included as well. Students will also use some math concepts and tools such as protractors and geometric angles and shapes.
Students will be studying and creating nine different styles of art. For each style of art one week will be spent learning about the style and two weeks will be spent creating their own masterpiece in that style. Styles include impressionism, post-impressionism, abstract, cubism, and more.
Composer Class

This class will teach students about different composers and their styles of music.


Parent Workshops and Support
And you thought the classes were all for the kids! At ABLE the parents matter too. Not only do parents have a network of support, they also have opportunities to learn about topics that are relevant to homeschooling or parenting through workshops and classes. One such workshop is our "Lapbooking with Textbooks", or perhaps a workshop to help parents learn their assessment options.
Relationships are very important to us. Join us for family days where the co-op meets just to socialize and have fun, or escape with a parent night. No kids allowed! After all, we need a break too.

This year we have ABLE parents who are offering tutoring in Math and Reading. The availability for tutoring sessions may be limited.


In addition to our classes, ABLE offers other opportunities for students   Extras                  

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