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Forms are dowloadable as PDF files. If you have difficulty viewing these files, you will need to download and install the free Adobe Reader.

ABLE Forms


If you prefer not to complete your application online, you may print this application.
Statement of Faith

It is important that our children are taught and mentored by those who share your beliefs and values.
Print our Statement of Faith , and hand it in with your application.

Rules and Policies

Here is our list of ABLE's Rules these should be signed and turned in with your paper application


Legal Forms

DoE Fact Sheet

Ohio's Department of Education has released a "Fact Sheet" for Homeschooling parents. (Or visit our Help page for more infomation about getting started homeschooling)


This is a brochure of the actual Regulations that govern Ohio homeschoolers.

Notification Form

This form can be used to Notify your school district of your intent to homeschool.

Assessment (Narrative)

If you choose to have a certified teacher assess your child at the end of the school year, use this Assessment form.

Assessment (Testing)

If you choose to have your child tested at the end of the school year, use this Assessment form.

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