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What is ABLE Homeschooling?

ABLE Homeschooling is a educational co-op for home schooled students pre-school - high school. Not only will ABLE students participate in classes that challenge their minds and strengthen their character, but they will also benefit from unique opportunities and long-lasting friendships.
In addition to the co-op, ABLE offers many workshops for students and parents! Students who participate in MAH club learn to make service part of their everyday lives.

What makes ABLE different from the others?

All local groups have their own style. You need to choose the one that is best for you.
ABLE's focus is unique. Much of our curriculum is not taught at any other co-op!
All of our classes equip students to be strong and influential witnesses for Christ!
(See class descriptions here)

ABLE's focus is on :
  1. Service to God through service to others
  2. Leadership
  3. Character development
  4. Teaching subjects from a Christian perspective


ABLE is centrally located to Clark, Montgomery, Green and Miami counties in Ohio.
Check to see if we are near you!

Why a co-op?

ABLE parents benefit from a network of parents with similar beliefs and interests to fellowship, and glean advice from. They find discounts useful for homeschooling and learn of local events. Many parents, especially those new to homeschooling, have many questions about where to begin, which curriculum works the best, specific learning challenges, or how to have their child assessed. The advice you gain in a co-op can make all the difference in the world.

ABLE students benefit from socialization and a structured learning environment. While there are other opportunities through church or private classes for structured learning; a good co-op provides the opportunity to build life-long friendships with children who share common interests and experiences. Students may also participate in group field trips, peer competition, public speaking, and local missions/service.

So why not learn more about us, or
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