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We are pleased that you would like to join our group.   Like most other groups, our homeschool group is unique.   It may not be right for all homeschooling families.   If you are unsure that ABLE will meet your needs, please Contact Us to speak with one of our leaders before you decide.

Before you join able, please make sure you agree with our Statement of Faith and our Rules and Policies.
Then complete the Online Application.   We will contact you to discuss our group, and let you know when our next 'Welcome Meeting' is.   If the school year has already begun, we will meet with you individually to provide the information you will need .   Fees will be due at the "Welcome meeting", unless prior arrangements have been made.

Join Now!

To join our group you must pay membership fees at the beginning of each school year - Usually due at the "Welcome" meeting.

Membership fees include all expenses for the entire year for the use of the church, class materials, operating expenses, and so on. (*see exception below)

Membership fees are $45 per child per year. Discounts are available for large families.   Financial assistance is available.

*Some activities (such as field-trips) may have additional fees for participation, and some classes may require you to bring certain supplies.

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