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Legal Help!

Information on this site is provided to help you understand Ohio's homeschool regulations.
We are not lawyers and the information provided here should not replace legal council if needed.

But if you should need legal help


If you are outside the state of Ohio

Homeschool Legal Defense may be able to help you!

Their site offers in depth information for those new to homeschooling. In addition, if you become a member of HSLDA, they will help defend you in the event of legal problems associated with your homeschooling.



Help Getting Started

If you need help getting started, or have questions about homeschooling - please take advantage of our
Homeschool Help resources.



Legal Forms

DoE Fact Sheet

Ohio's Department of Education has released a "Fact Sheet" for Homeschooling parents.


This is a brochure of the actual Regulations that govern Ohio homeschoolers.

Notification Form

This form can be used to Notify your school district of your intent to homeschool.

Assessment (Narrative)

If you choose to have a certified teacher assess your child at the end of the school year, use this Assessment form.

Assessment (Testing)

If you choose to have your child tested at the end of the school year, use this Assessment form.

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