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ABLE's  Mission

Mission Statement

We are a Christian group of homeschooling families seeking to provide resources to achieve Bible-led education together. 


Our Objectives

  1. Glorify God in all that we do.

    • We start the day in prayer and devotion.
    • We provide opportunities to serve God by serving others.
    • Put emphasis on Christian character development
    • Teach History and Science from a Biblical perspective

  2. Meet the needs of homeschool families by providing;

    • Information for parents new to homeschooling
    • Assist parents with assessment needs
    • Support and encouragement for parents
    • Fellowship for parents and children
    • Developing student friendships and refining social skills
    • Finding educational resources for families
    • Unique learning opportunities
    • Extracurricular activities for children i.e.
      • Field trips
      • Group Holiday celebrations
      • Drama/Music/art
      • Talent Show
    • Competition opportunities for students i.e.
      • Bible Bee
      • Geography fair
      • Science fair
      • MaH Competition

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