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Extras offered through ABLE

Field Trips
As homeschooling parents we all want to give our children every experience that we can, yet educational trips can be difficult for many parents. Many places charge a great deal of money, or refuse tours without a minimum "group" size. Who has time for all that planning? ABLE members come together to participate in field trips - often at discounted rates. Field trips are always optional. (Some field trips are open to non-members as well!)
Public Speaking
Communication is an important social skill. Students who feel comfortable enough to share in a group will have the confidence to approach an employer for a job, or an associate for a business deal. Ministry leaders, Pastors, school teachers, and politicians all need strong public speaking skills. ABLE offers students the opportunity to speak or perform in front of others in many ways - Each year we make sure we have at least one class that gives kids the chance to speak in front of an audience such as: speech, drama, readers theater, or drama.   Even young children can share their opinions in front of a group with show and tell.   Students also share their talents in a talent show, and they are put in the spotlight during presentations and ABLE's "Bees".
Group/Holiday Celebrations
Learning together is fun! Celebrating together is more fun! Fellowship with other students helps encourage deep friendships. ABLE allows students "recess" time to play each week.   In addition, students can attend Christmas parties, Valentines party, and other holiday parties and events.   During the summer time students gather for ABLE picnics and fun activities and we are working towards an ABLE Summer camp for families!

New! Ministry can happen in all sorts of ways.  Not everyone is a teacher, some people share the love of Jesus through their art, music, or drama.  We offer classes to bring out these talents in our children.   They may also share their skills at the ABLE Talent Show.

Craft Fair / Bake Sale
ABLE students have the opportunity to raise money for a ministry we choose together. The students will create their own crafts, or baked goods to sell.   The proceeds from the sales will be sent to Christian ministries and charities.
Talent Show

Students can share their talents and abilities with other ABLE families and friends at our end of the year talent show. Students may showcase their artwork or projects, or they can perform on stage.   Poetry reading, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, juggling - It's your child's moment in the spotlight!

Service Ministry
Every year ABLE kids participate in service projects to help local people.  Ministering to the elderly, other children, or even their families and friends.  It is our goal to make service to God a lifestyle for these kids.  That means that students understand why they are serving.  It is not to do works, but out of love for God and people.



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