Welcome to Hope of Ruth
Welcome to Hope of Ruth

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What is The Hope of Ruth Project?

Our ministry is called The Hope of Ruth Project.  Not surprisingly the book of Ruth is the cornerstone to everything the Lord has for our ministry.  It defines our mission.  In the book of Ruth we find the hope of our redeemer and our salvation.   Through it we see the hope of uniting Christianity as one church to their Jewish root, by Christians understanding their heritage and the Jews finding their Messiah.  Through it we see  hope for our youth who are leaving their faith in droves because they lack the understanding that can help them stand against lies of the world.   Through it we see broken people restored because of the hope of their redeemer.  Through it we see those faithful to the Lord strengthen one another so they can stand in trial and fire.

The Big Picture


This vision the Lord gave us for this ministry came when studying the Book of Ruth.   In it we saw through our relationship the lives of Naomi and Ruth.  The Lord showed us that one of the things  He wants to restore with the coming Spirit of Elijah is the relationship between the Jew and gentile believers.    He wants to see the Jew and Christian love one another.  He wants the Christian to be a light to the Jew to help them find their Messiah, and He wants to see the Jew teach the Christian about their heritage so they can know His ways. 

The Lord didn't show us every step of how this ministry will unfold,
but he gave us the first step:  Teach the Christian.

And the second step:  Reach out to the Jew

 As we move forward in this ministry, only the Lord knows what this will look like.  But he will give us each step to take to achieve the plan he has for us.  The result of the plan is a key to the restoration of the relationship between the Jew and Christian, which will provide redemption and strength for both.  Just like in the book of Ruth, the first step is to teach the Christian.  Ruth, a gentile, fell in love with the God of Naomi, a Jew,  because Naomi taught her the ways of the Lord.  It is our prayer that the impact of our ministry will spread throughout the world in the same way that Jesus' message spread.  We expect to see miracles happen.  We expect the power of God to manifest as shown in the book of Acts.

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