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Bible Study Is More than Face Value


The purpose of this class is to show students how to use available tools to understand scripture, thus equipping each student to study the scripture on their own in the context that the scripture was intended without filtering the scripture through their own experiences and understanding. 

The goals of this class are for students: to rightly divide the word of God,  to identify His truth from false teaching and doctrinal error,  to understand the ways of God,  to discover the root of their faith, to understand how to understand the Old Testament seeing Jesus and God's plan of salvation in it,  to unfold the hidden truths in his word,  to nurture a new desire to dig into the word for themselves, and by seeing how it relates to their lives - to better apply the word to their daily walk.

Supplies required

Students will be expected to bring their notebooks and journals (provided) along with writing utensils and a Bible.  (KJV, ESV, or NASB preferred)
Optional:  Internet tablet, computer, (if Wi-Fi is available) for Bible dictionary, concordance...etc 

Student Cost

The cost of this class is $10/student.   Students may apply for financial assistance in large families or where multiple members of a family are attending, or in other times of hardship. 
The fee will cover the cost of the printed materials, binder, and journal that they will be provided at the beginning of the class.  (Assuming no fee is charged for the use of the facility)

Time and Commitment

This class is a total of 12-13 weeks.  Sessions, beginning with a lesson and ending with a discussion group, last about two hours each.  Certain sessions may go over.  Plan on three hours from set-up to close.    Our 13th session is an optional discussion group over the "tough questions" asked in the first lesson.


  • Answering the most difficult Bible questions.
  • Bible Translations
  • Holy Spirit
  • Using Parallel Translations
  • Comprehension questions
  • Setting aside preconceived notions
  • Using a Concordance
  • Seeking the whole counsel of God
  • Using scripture to understand scripture
  • An error free Bible
  • Identifying/clarifying apparent contradictions
  • A Bible dictionary vs. a standard dictionary
  • Using a Bible dictionary
  • Finding your own keywords
  • Using an Interlinear Bible
  • Transliteration / original text
  • Historical context / Atlas
  • Cultural context
  • What is a commentary - understanding passed down through generations
  • Historical context of sayings/language
  • Parables vs. fables and myths
  • Dual parabolic meaning
  • Why did Jesus speak in parables
  • Considering the details of what you are reading / Asking questions for further understanding
  • Unfolding more than the face value
  • All scripture points to Jesus
  • Understanding types and shadows
  • Abraham/Isaac - type of Jesus sacrifice
  • Jewish marriage ceremony
  • Natural and wild olive tree
  • Numbers in the Bible
  • God's calendar
  • Prophecy fulfilled and future
  • Dreams
  • Symbolism in feasts and ceremonies
  • Biblical Macros
  • Names in the Bible
  • Study of the Book of Ruth - A picture of God's plan of redemption

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