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Welcome to hiac.net Homeschooling in a crunch notbooking, lapbooks, curriculum, how to homeschool, Ask a homeschool expert

Encyclopedias and Information Sites


This useful and free resource allows you to search more than 100 encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauruses.

Internet Public Library
The Internet public library is a collection of resources on the internet that is so complete it could be the last internet resource you will need. The Library is divided into 3 areas, a children's area, teen area and the main library.

Smithsonian Encyclopedia
Explore the Smithsonian Institute Encyclopedia, and explore the Smithsonian! Learn about art/design, science/technology, history/culture, and more.

Weather Encyclopedia
This kid's encyclopedia uses games and a forecast center to teach everything you need to know about anything weather.

This site is a resource for Ohio schools. It offers full access to World Book Encyclopedia, an extensive educational video library and more. When you sign up; fill in your information and type homeschool when asked for your school name.

Botany Encyclopedia
An encyclopedia of plants and flowers. Identify indoor and outdoor plants. Includes cultivation requirements, and other important information about the plants, flowers, varieties, and hybrids.

Instrument Encyclopedia
Explore the diversity and creativity of musical traditions or search for a favorite instrument to learn more about..


Library of Congress
The Library of Congress has made some selected content available online. Only a small percentage of the Library's content is available online, but is still a wealth of information.

Wall Builders - Historical Archives
Wall builders links to archives of primary sources for your historical studies. Their focus is teaching America's forgotten history with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built. Their sell books, videos, and other media that feature authors like Historian David Barton.

The Miller Center - American President
This online resource has in-depth information about the Presidents of the United States and the history of the presidency. They boast to have been "reviewed by prominent scholars" . Features include: essays about the President's life, the First Lady and cabinet officials of each administration, Multimedia archives, Presidential Speeches, and more. Beware of some bias on this site; words like "Woodrow Wilson was one of America's greatest Presidents. Children using this resource should beware that many people thought Woodrow Wilson was a bad president. We recommend using this resource to help students differentiate fact and opinion in historical records.

Bible and Religion

Bible Gateway
Need to look up a verse fast or compare translations? Then this is the site for you! Features a keyword search and topical reference. Choose from 25 ENGLISH translations, with the ability to compare up to 5 versions at once. Translations are also available in 54 languages.

Blue Letter Bible
Bible search, commentaries, study tools, images and maps, devotions, audio/video and more. A Valuable tool for an in-depth bible study.

Linked Word Project
This site links every phrase in the King James Bible to the Strong's entry for that phrase or word. It displays the transliteration, word origin, part of speech, definition etc. Vital resource to delve deeper into the original texts.

Answers in Genesis
This apologetics web site shows how science and history actually prove the accuracy of the Bible.This site is organized in a Q & A format. Find the facts you need to defend your faith.

Kids Answers
This apologetics site for kids is provided by Answers In Genesis. They provide articles, videos, activities and more to build children's confidence in the Bible as literal truth. Helps your children defend their faith in an increasingly secular world.

Jelly Telly
This site by Focus on the Family uses puppets to teach in depth Bible lessons and Bible History/Early church history lessons.

ASL (American Sign Language) Reference

Deaf-Blind Alphabet
Use this site as a supplement your ASL lessons. Communicating with someone who is deaf and blind is much different that communicating with someone who is only deaf. This site gives your student a look into that world. (Written by a deaf-blind person, for deaf-blind people)

This site offers an ASL video dictionary showing people signing the word/concept you have chosen. Once you learn some vocabulary, try their "quiz me" section!

Signing Savvy
Another ASL video dictionary site.

Deaf Planet
Fun site for children.. Watch videos, play games, or learn a science lesson. When Max's spaceship breaks down he finds himself stranded on a strange planet with his android, Wilma. Everyone on the planet is deaf and speaks in sign language, fortunately for him Wilma can translate!

Family Health Reference to ASL
This site, hosted by US Insurance Net, offers many resources for: Linguistics of Sign, Learning the Alphabet & Numbers, Forming Sentences, Popular Phrases, and Interpreting for the Deaf. (Special thanks to Mrs. Green's class in Lexington, Nebraska for this link!)

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