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Do you desire to study scripture, but never know where to start, or are often confused by what you read? Does this make you listen to "other" sources before the Bible? Do you immerse yourself in sermon's, bible studies, or books by Christian authors? How do you "study to show yourself approved" to God?

Posted by The Hope of Ruth Project on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This class equips the students to study the scripture with confidence and enjoyment, on their own without having to be fed through ready made Bible studies, or a pastor, small group, etc.  They will be able to answer the really difficult questions of life by searching scripture.  They will know how to study the scripture on their own in the context that the scripture was intended without filtering the scripture through their own experiences, former teaching, and understanding.  

This class teaches:

  • to rightly divide the word of God
  • to identify His truth from false teaching and doctrinal error
  • to understand the ways of God
  • to discover the root of our faith contained within the Old Testament and seeing Jesus and God's plan of salvation in it
  • to unfold the hidden truths in his word.  
  • It nurtures a new desire in students to dig into the word for themselves to see how scripture relates to their lives, and how they can apply it in their daily walk.

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A Study of Biblical Macros 

In this study we will look into each of seven areas of scripture which paint a picture that we can use to understand all of God's Word.  Consider if you were solving a puzzle.  You would look at the puzzle box to see what the complete picture is supposed to look like.  As you fit the pieces together in the puzzle, you know that if it doesn't look like the picture on the box then you've got something wrong.
This is what the Macros do.  When you understand the Biblical macros, you can understand the ways of God.  If you read something in scripture, or someone tells you something about scripture that doesn't look like the pictures the macros show, you know something is not right in your understanding of that scripture.  This can help you identify doctrinal error and gain a deeper understanding of the intent behind the scripture.

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