Welcome to Hope of Ruth
Welcome to Hope of Ruth

Statement  of  Faith

  1. We believe our God is one God moving in unity in three persons. The Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. We believe that the Old and New Testament make up the infallible Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit written by His people.
  3. We believe anyone who believes in their heart and confesses with their mouth that Jesus is Lord is saved and eternally joined to the common wealth of Israel.
  4. We believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah of Israel, that He came down from heaven and became a man who dwelt among His people, that He died once on a cross for all people as the Passover lamb of God, and was raised on the third day by the power of the living God, and is now seated at the right hand of the Father.
  5. We believe Jesus's death an resurrection put an end to the division of the Jew and Gentile, and making one new man with Jesus as the head of the body of believes. Jesus's blood atones for our sin allowing us to walk in personal relationship with the Father by creating in us a new man after the likeness of Jesus. His death and resurrection ensure those who put their faith in Him are sealed with the promise of eternal life.
  6. We believe 50 days after His resurrection, on the Day of Pentacost, Jesus sent the comforter called the Holy Spirit to help us.
  7. We believe Jesus is the only way to the Father, and that He will return and rule from Jerusalem over all the earth. So shall we forever be with the Lord.

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