Welcome to Hope of Ruth
Welcome to Hope of Ruth

What's Next?

Digging Deeper is only one part of a series of studies called Foundations.  
If your congregation/group enjoys our  Digging Deeper study,
please consider having us back to teach one of our other studies.

A study of Biblical Macros 
In this study we will look into each of seven areas of scripture which paint a picture that we can use to understand all of God's Word.  Consider if you were solving a puzzle.  You would look at the puzzle box to see what the complete picture is supposed to look like.  As you fit the pieces together in the puzzle, you know that if it doesn't look like the picture on the box then you've got something wrong.
This is what the Macros do.  When you understand the Biblical macros, you can understand the ways of God.  If you read something in scripture, or someone tells you something about scripture that doesn't look like the pictures the macros show, you know something is not right in your understanding of that scripture.  This can help you identify doctrinal error and gain a deeper understanding of the intent behind the scripture.

The Jewish Jesus
In this study we will look at seven Biblical feasts and how these celebrations point to the Messiah, Jesus.  These Jewish celebrations were observed by Jesus and the disciples.  In this study you will learn how these feasts were celebrated, and how the symbolism in them paints a prophetic picture of the Lord.  You will see how  each of the seven Feasts of Israel relates to the seven manifestations of the Spirit, seven fulfillments in the Christian church, seven Messianic fulfillments, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Fruit of the Spirit, and the Millennial reign.

Cultural Mysteries Unlocked
In this study you will learn the symbolism behind different Jewish customs and understand the ways of Jewish thought that Jesus used throughout His ministry on Earth.  This includes: an understanding of symbols and signs in the Bible, the ways the Jews lived and taught their children, along with specific ceremonies like the Jewish Wedding ceremony.  Consider how much of the New Testament speaks about marriage!  Jesus compares the church as His bride, He speaks of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, even when he speaks about the day and hour of His return - He is speaking in wedding language!

Biblical Prophecy and Prophets
In this study you will learn about fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled Biblical prophecy.  You will get to know and understand the role, relationship, and purpose of the Biblical prophets and how this role is used in today's churches.

Applying what we've learned to the New Testament
These series of short lessons will teach some foundational truths about how to live a life submitted to God, from the view of the New Testament with understanding learned in the Old Testament.  Lessons include:

  • Christ is All - Well, it's all about Christ
  • Emotions - What does scripture teach us about their value and danger
  • Love - A study of 1 Corinthians 13
  • Friendship - What it means to be a friend
  • Tough Choices - Making tough choices and learning to kill off the dead zombie called your flesh
  • Demolishing Strongholds - This study shows you how to change your thinking in order to overcome strongholds in your life that give the enemy a place.  It is a study of spiritual warfare.

Dare to Disciple
Jesus calls us all to be our disciples and to go and make disciples.  What does this look like?  How do you do this?  It's more than handing out Bible tracts.  Being a disciple is modeled for us in Jesus.  It is a commitment to letting someone into your life, loving them, and being a model for them.

Talking with Your Jewish Brother
How would you approach a Jew with the idea that Jesus is their Messiah?  This class will teach you How to show Jesus in a way that someone in the Jewish faith will be able to recognize their God in Him.

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