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Have Questions?

Who can host a class?
  • Any group who has an appropriate location, agrees with our faith statement, and can come up with a minimum of 15 students may host a class.

What are my responsibilities when I host a class?

  • You are responsible for providing a clean, comfortable environment for the class.  This includes tables, chairs, accommodations for children, (if necessary) etc
  • You are responsible for recruiting students and their registration on this site.
  • Optionally, you may provide refreshments, (snacks or drinks), for your guests.

How much does it cost to have you come to my church, or small group?

  • Fees are determined based on the size of your group, location, etc.
  • Each student in your group or congregation that joins the class must pay the fee for the class.
  • In addition, depending on where you are located you may be required to pay transportation and lodging expenses.
  • We charge an additional fee if you wish to host a class in a time slot other than the standard times we have available.

Is this class something I can use if I homeschool?

  • Absolutely!  Teens who do this course and the journal work at home will have completed enough work/hours to earn a full high-school credit.  If you need graded work, you may request that a teacher review your student's work. 

    This class is only for SERIOUS teens.  Teens who are disrespectful, refuse to participate, or disinterested will distract from the discussion based format of this class.  We reserve the right to remove such students from the class.  (Actually, this goes for adults too!)

Do you sell this course with curriculum and teacher guides?

  • Don't let the cost of this course fool you!  It is a very in-depth class.  People go to school for years and years to learn the information taught in this class.  We feel it would be irresponsible to allow someone who is not familiar with the materials covered to teach the class.  Therefore we do not sell curriculum for just anyone to purchase.

    If you are interested in teaching a class, we are looking for new instructors.  The prerequisites for new instructors are as follows:
    • You must have completed our course in it's entirety
    • We must believe that you have a firm grasp on the material being covered
    • You must agree with our faith statement
    • We must be in need of new teachers
    • You must be willing to work with a mentor the first time you teach the class.
    • You will need to travel and organize classes

If you are interested in teaching this course on your own, let us know
once you have completed the course


For more information or to host a class
Call or Text Heather at



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