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Log Your Service Every Day!

Each day think about all the times you have served another person. Did you help an elderly lady with her groceries?   Did you help the neighbor by walking her dog, or help your family by doing additional chores? Log each item on the form below.

      • Check the box that tells who you served.
      • Then write a short description of what you did, (in 50 characters or less!)
        Ex: "Put groceries in her car", or "walked the dog "

*** If you do more than 5 acts of service in a day, you can fill out the form again!***
***Can't fill in all the blanks?  Don't worry about it, just fill what you can!***

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  1.       What did you do? 

  2.       What did you do? 

  3.       What did you do? 

  4.       What did you do? 

  5.       What did you do? 

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