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Why do you think there are so many denominations of Christianity? 
The root to understanding of Scripture has been lost over the years, but not completely lost.  There are Christians out there who understand their Biblical foundations, and there are Jews who are teaching it to Christians.  Even so, your mainstream church follower only has a glimpse into a glorious unfolding of the scriptures.   This causes scriptural misunderstandings which lead to different church doctrines.  Each denomination believes their doctrine is the "right" one.  How is someone to know to what is truth?  Here is a thought for you.  What if none of them are right - completely,  but all of them are right in part?

 What was once so carefully preserved, has been tattered by the winds of change.  The Jewish people had a solid understanding of their scriptures which comprise our Old Testament.  (The scriptures Jesus quoted)   The Lord intended for them to pass that knowledge on to the gentile believers who would accept Jesus as their Savior.  This would give them a solid foundation from which to grow in understanding of their God and Messiah.  Why do you think Jesus rebuked so severely those Jewish leaders, like the Pharisees, who twisted the letter of the law while ignoring the spirit of the law.  Mercy and grace are built into the law, and Jesus clarified this by being a living model of the law and it's mercy.  This is a message that confuses many Christians.

Through the events that unfolded in History, a division came between the Jew and Christian.  Today, the Jewish people ( who don't know Yeshua) look at the Jesus the Christian church promotes and they can't see their God.   The Jews today remember "Christians" who persecuted them.  They see churches claim the Old Testament Jews have been replaced by the New Testament Christians.  Believers who think that Israel is irrelevant because Jesus did away with the Law, these people sadly misunderstand scripture.  Jesus did not create a new religion, nor did he do away with the law.  Jesus said,  "Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill".   Many Christians today do not understand what this means.  His death and resurrection did not take away the law, but rather the power the law holds over us to condemn us and separate us from our God.  God didn't switch loyalties from the Jews to the Christians because the Jews rejected Him.  He didn't abandon His promise to Abraham.  He took two people and made them one.  This is shown by the parable of the Olive branch.  The wild branch, (gentiles),  was grafted onto the natural branch, (the Jews).  What happens if you graft two branches of a plant together?  They become one!

The two branches grow into one plant, it isn't instant.  It is a process.  The natural branch has the root that gives the plant its nourishment.  It sustains the plant.  The wild branch, strengthens the natural one.  Together as they become one they are strengthened by each other and in the end cannot survive without one another.   As Christians we need our root!  We need the understanding that should have been handed down to us, and now we are in a vicious circle.  We don't always look like God because those who hold the root, the foundation of our faith, haven't taught us His ways.  The result is the root doesn't want anything to do with our Jesus because the representation they see of Him doesn't look like their God.

 It's a catch 22.

The relationship we should have with the Jewish people is not better illustrated than in the life of Naomi and Ruth.   In this story, Naomi and Ruth both lost their husbands and needed a redeemer.  Naomi, (A Jew from Bethlehem), by Jewish law and custom had the promise of a redeemer but she was unable to find someone to redeem her and was left destitute.  Ruth,(a gentile believer) on the other hand had no promise of redemption, but she sacrificed everything to go with Naomi and follow her God.  She takes care of Naomi, and in the process finds her redeemer and thus brings redemption to both of them.  The solution?  We need each other.

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