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Why this class? 

There are hundreds of classes and books that try to teach you how to study your Bible.  What makes this class different?

Let me ask you a question.  2Timothy 2:15  says, "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth."   If all you have to do to rightly divide the word  is read the Bible and memorize scripture, then how do you know what lens to filter it through?

See, everything we take into our minds goes through a filter of our previous knowledge and experiences.  It is the way our human minds work.  The problem in thinking this way when we read scripture is that if we rely on our own understanding and past teachings, then we can skew the message from the Word of God into our own thoughts and desires.  We can miss out on the true intent of God's Word, and what He intends us to learn from it.   "do not lean on your own understanding"          

How many times have you heard Christians state that they are seeking the will of God?  The belief that we can't know the thoughts of God, is only partly true.  Granted, we cannot know all the mysteries of the universe.  "We see in part and know in part", but we can understand the ways of God.  Through a solid understanding of His Word, we can understand the way He thinks, and thereby discern what His will is in a given situation. 

The Christian church has lost much of the understanding from their Jewish root that taught them the context of (and truths hidden within) the scriptures.   Yet, our Lord was not taken by surprise, and He is working to restore the knowledge from our root in those who have lost it.   In His mercy, He has given Christian believers a tool in their arsenal, the Holy Spirit, that can help them discern truth.  When we hear something that is right the Spirit within us confirms it.  In this class we will learn to test our understanding against the whole counsel of God.  

This class is designed to help us understand HOW to see scripture in the same way that the people of Jesus' time understood it.  Jesus was not a Christian - He was a Jew.  He came from the line of David, the tribe of Judah.   He is the Jewish Messiah, and while his message was intended for all, He was speaking to the Jewish people.   How can we understand His message when He is speaking to the understanding of a foreign culture? 
In this class, you will be introduced to this culture, and how they knew the scripture.  You will learn to use different tools to research the history, culture, and language of the time.   In Jewish thought, if you ask the right questions the answers will present themselves.  You will learn to ask the right questions of the Spirit and how to unfold the hidden truths of scripture that Jesus referred to as He taught.  You will see how scripture is living, it has a meaning for the past, present, and future. 

But most importantly, you will see how scripture is completely relevant to your life today.
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